What we assure you

Money Back Guarantee
The most common reason a refund might be needed is when you decide to cancel an order. In this case, if you were prompt and applied for getting your money back as soon as possible, we give a 100% refund. If a writer has already started working on your assignment, the compensation can equal 50-70%, depending on the time already spent on the paper. Sometimes our clients may apply for compensation because they think the paper provided is of poor quality. In such cases, our dispute managers will resolve the request, respecting the customer’s concerns and the interests of our writer.
No Hidden Costs
There are no hidden costs for our services. We offer expert and professional level services, which are affordable. We offer significant value for money packages. The price you pay will depend on your level of study, the length of your order, the grade you wish to obtain and when the work is required to be delivered.
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Privacy Guarantee
We value your data. In fact, we don’t need much of your personal details, and the information we receive from you will be stored carefully. Our company is extremely efficient in guarding the privacy of our clients. To feel even more confident about our strict obedience to the new GDPR rules.
Original Papers
We guarantee that your model answer will be absolutely unique and written from scratch. Each of our academic writers is fully aware of the consequences of plagiarism; therefore we do not tolerate any form of plagiarism from any of our employees. We promise that your essay order will be plagiarism-free or you can claim a refund. Additionally, your paper will be re-written, free of charge, should you detect plagiarism. Although the circumstances are very rare, if you find that your order has been plagiarized, be sure to contact us immediately. In the case that you claim our model answer as your own, we accept no responsibility and we are not obligated to offer any refunds. The model answer is to be used solely as a study guide or resource for further learning.